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Personal Injury Payments. Here at Waring & Co we appreciate that if you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident which was not your fault, it is highly likely that you will suffer immediate financial loss and hardship.

You may wish to take advantage of an offer we are able to make to our clients in our attempts to help and lessen the immediate financial effects on you. It may be that you are unable to work due to the injuries you sustained in the accident or be involved in other expenses relative to damage to your vehicle and so forth. In these circumstances, we seek to help our clients in making an advancement of recoverable damages as soon as we are reasonably in a position to do so. We do so in seeking to provide to our clients the best possible levels of service available. The advancement is made upon Terms and Conditions which, in summary, provide that any money advanced to you will be returned to the firm at the finalisation of your claim and once we have received your cheque in settlement of your claim for compensation. This way, any financial hardship you are suffering as a result of being involved in an accident which was not your fault can be dealt with at the earliest possible date, thereby enabling you to get on with your life without this additional worry. This is an essential part of our commitment to you to provide the highest levels of professional service.

To enable us to offer you an advance on your damages we would have to check and be sure that the following conditions apply:

1. That we think your claim is likely to succeed and that we have entered into a Conditional Fee Agreement with you already.

2. That the other party was properly insured.

3. That we believe your claim has a value of more than £2,000.00, having reviewed a medical report that has been obtained and approved by you.

4. That liability for your claim has been admitted by the insurers of the other party causing your accident.

5. That we have not made any payment to any other party for the referral of your claim to us previously.

6. That we continue to act on your behalf as solicitors appointed throughout the conduct of your claim.

7. This offers is subject to withdrawal at any time entirely at our discretion.

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