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Motorcyclist Editorial

As motor-bikers ourselves, we understand the perils and dangers which we face whilst riding. As solicitors, we understand the law and how it applies to road users of all vehicles.

We often find that motorcyclists are generally more alert and aware of the dangers whilst riding, having been given the proper training before obtaining our licenses, and as such, are generally more safety conscious than other road users. As we have the benefit of being riders, we can easily appreciate the circumstances in which you have been involved in an accident as in our experience, similar near-misses can occur regularly, whereas non-riding solicitors may not understand this.

Lane positioning is just one area which has to be in the thought of riders which will not be of concern to users of other vehicles and that can have a crucial affect on whether a case is won or lost.

Injuries involving motorcyclist are often more serious than those in vehicles and we have experience in dealing with catastrophic injuries following motorbike accidents including broken limbs, serious wounds and amputations. There are often psychological injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ‘PTSD’ which will need to be identified early on so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.  

You could be instantly off the road and out of work. Whilst trying to recover from your injuries there are lots of issues which need sorting out such as arguments on liability, recovery, storage and inspection of your vehicle, attempting to obtain rehabilitation treatment via the NHS, mounting home bills and examination by a special medical expert capable of preparing legal reports.  

We can assist with all of the above and take the stress off you, allowing you to focus on your recovery. We can also arrange for private treatment where the delays with the NHS are too long.  

In the event you are injured whilst riding a motorbike, make sure Waring & Co are your first call.

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