Accident at work

An accident at work creates a lot of stress and potential hardship. In most cases, if you need time off because of an accident at work, you will only have the right to statutory sick pay. Your employer may have a special payment scheme, for having time off due to an accident.

It is also important to note that your employer has a responsibility and legal duty of care to you which means you maybe entitled to claim compensation for any injury sustained, if your employer was negligent.

Can I be sacked for claiming against my employer?

Not without your employer facing an even bigger legal claim than for your injuries. Legally, your employer cannot sack you, intimidate you, change your job or decrease your wage on the basis that you have decided to pursue compensation because they were negligent. As with most personal injury claims, workplace injury claims are normally dealt with by the employer’s insurers.

Personal Injury – NO WIN, NO FEE

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